LEARFIELD EVP Solly Fulp joins Kevin Tarca on his Sports Business Secrets podcast to discuss the company’s leadership in name, image, & likeness and the innovative solutions being delivered to college partners and brands that expand opportunities for student athletes. Highlights include the status of NIL in college sports today, the power of content creation & storytelling and the ⁠LEARFIELD Allied program⁠ & ⁠suite of solutions⁠.

In Solly’s words…

In recalling his own days as a student-athlete: “The narrative for universities and the pitch to student-athletes was always, come to our respective university and get a meaningful degree, win championships, and develop into your very best self, character development. The fourth leg of that stool is now NIL.”

NIL as a means to develop life experience: “Student-athletes are going to demand and expect that NIL will be a part of the cornerstone of their college experience….and all the soft skills that are developed from NIL – to talking to corporate partners, to being able to read a contract, to developing your personal brand, to understanding that you have to pay taxes on the money you make…all those business principles are things that student-athletes are getting really good at quickly as they understand the power of their brands through NIL.”

Connecting brands to college audiences: “Now, for the first time ever, we can incorporate the power of the student athlete voice in student-athlete influencer marketing. That’s where it gets really exciting – the custom content creation and storytelling and authentic connections that those student athletes can have with their university communities.”

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