Connecting Brands to College Fans 365 Days a Year with Unmatched Scale and Local Authenticity

College athletic sponsorships connect brands to fans through exclusive multimedia rights (MMR) with nearly 200 Division I athletic programs, conferences, venues, and alumni associations. America’s favorite college teams partner with us so that we can bring innovation in marketing.  College sports fans are the largest US fanbase in sports boasting more than 150 million fans across the country. This audience is one of the most diverse and educated in sports, with spending power that they want to direct to brands affiliated with their favorite teams.

Custom Marketing Solutions

By listening intently and applying strategic marketing assets and capabilities, Learfield works with our brand partners to understand their business needs and target audiences and craft college sports sponsorship packages that deliver results. Our branding toolbox includes school marks and intellectual property, digital and display advertising, social content, premium branding placements, hospitality, radio and streaming audio broadcasts, experiential marketing, placements on official athletic websites, college esports leagues, and more. Using a combination of these, we can create a program that delivers the awareness, customer acquisition, or conversion targets that further a brand’s purpose.

Minority Academy

Not Just on Game Day, But Every Day

College sports marketing is most visible on game days, when the pageantry of the game meets the unique traditions of each school.  However, fans are fans not just on game day, but every day.  They wear their fandom to campus, to the coffee shop, to the grocery store, on their run at the gym, and to their devices as they stay connected with their favorite team. We ensure brands join fans on their journey.

Digital Solutions to Connect Your Brand with the Right Fan

Learfield has innovated to offer unique digital and content programming opportunities for brands to utilize every day. By leveraging the unique school affinity only Learfield can offer brands to connect with fans, brands can attract new, loyal customers to their products and services. Whether your business is in the shadow of the stadium attracting local customers or a national or global brand wanting to expand your reach and frequency to the most ardent fans in all of sports, Learfield knows where fans are, what fans want, and how brands can capitalize on the largest fan audience in all of sports.

Digital Solutions