LEARFIELD leaders have been featured in several articles outlining the growth within women’s sports sponsorships on the 50th anniversary of Title IX.

Brands Should Double Down On The Growing Presence Of Women In Sports by LEARFIELD Senior Vice President and Head of Marketing Solutions, Jenna Mielnicki

Brands Finally Investing In Female Athletes, But More Can Be Done – Title IX 50th Anniversary by LEARFIELD Chief Marketing Officer, Jennifer Davis

Building a One-Stop Women’s Sports Marketing Empire featuring LEARFIELD Chief Marketing Officer, Jennifer Davis

As Jenna says in her article: “It’s remarkable to look at how far women’s athletics – and women in sports, more broadly – have come in the last 50 years. It’s even more exciting to think of where we’re headed in the next 50. This anniversary should be an inflection point for how brands think about women audiences in sports. Building relationships takes time, but what you put in now is sure to multiply in future value.”