Winner Named for Papa John’s Pizza Pigout Giveaway
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RUSTON – Louisiana Tech student Lou Pharis is the winner of the Papa John’s Pizza Pigout Giveaway as the sophomore English major was randomly selected after entering the pool of applicants following his dance routine at the Sept. 11 Central Arkansas football game.

During each Louisiana Tech home football game during the 2011 season, one student was selected for demonstrating the most school spirit and that lucky student received free Papa John’s pizza for themselves and ten of their friends.

Each of the winners was entered into the random drawing where Pharis was selected. In addition to winning a free Papa John’s Pizza party for himself and 100 of his friends which will be held in conjunction with the Lady Techsters versus Fresno State game this Saturday, Pharis will also be the “face” of Papa John’s Pizza for the next month.

“A good friend of mine from my high school was the leader of the Blue Crew, the people that paint up for games, and asked me if I wanted to join it,” said Pharis, a 19-year-old student from Pineville. “It sounded like a great idea to me. After the first game I was hooked and have painted up for almost every home game since.

“I’m incredibly excited that I won the Papa John’s contest, especially since I’m going to be on top of all the pizza boxes. I think it’s a great opportunity to support Tech and have a blast at the same time.”

Every Papa John’s Pizza box that is delivered around Ruston during a 30-day period starting in a few weeks will contain Pharis’ image on top of the box.

“It’s been a real fun promotion that kicked-off last September at the first Tech home game,” said Connie Cordaro, regional marketing manager for Papa John’s Pizza. “We teamed up with LA Tech Sports Properties to find a Tech student that was worthy of a Pizza Party for 100 of their friends. Well, we found him.

“Lou Pharis earned this awesome prize by showing his dance skills at the UCA game. We are happy to have Lou as the new face of Papa John’s Pizza. Starting around mid-February, make sure you order a Papa John’s Pizza to see a member of the Tech Family on each box.”