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By Keith Prince

It is easy to understand why veteran broadcaster Dave Nitz is being inducted into the Louisiana Tech Athletics Hall of Fame.

For thousands of Bulldog fans during much of the past 40 years, Nitz has become their No. 1 link to Tech sports.

Concerning Bulldogs athletic action, Dave is their morning cup of coffee, their favorite lounge chair, and a dear, trusted friend — even though most of those folks have never even met the affable 69-year-old from West Virginia.

Clearly, his melodious voice is their comfort zone for Bulldog sports. When Dave is calling the action, listeners know they will “see” every play, “feel” the excitement of what the home team is experiencing (“You gotta love it”) and, yet, also hear a very objective game report that even rewards opponent excellence when it is deserved.

He has clearly become an icon for Tech sports and that is because for the past 36 years it is “Freeway” Dave, who loves to motor down the highway almost as much as he does to call a fourth-and-one at the goal line, who has brought Tech games — football, basketball and baseball — into the homes, offices and automobiles of Bulldog fans.

Ruston attorney Steve Davison, who worked the last six years beside Nitz while doing color commentary on Tech football games, perhaps said it best when telling why Tech’s announcer is appreciated and enjoyed so much.

“Dave is a story teller. He puts you at ease and holds your interest, and he is always well prepared and very accurate with his calls. I think that is why so many identify with him, and that includes several different generations,” remarked Davison.

From a long line of Tech supporters, Davison said, “I grew up listening to Dave. And when I was away at law school, I would call home many times and have my mom put the phone beside the radio so I could hear a game.”

As for his work in the booth with Nitz, Davison smiled and said, “As much as I admired Dave before, that appreciation really grew when I worked with him. I don’t think I had much talent for the job, but he made it easy for me. When I struggled, he would always come to the rescue.

“I really believe he is among the elite as a sports broadcaster. He can set the scene and paint a picture beautifully. He has a God-given gift, and he has combined that with hard work and true dedication to his profession. I can’t imagine anybody else being the Voice of the Bulldogs,” added Davison.

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