Best Buy developed a sponsorship campaign with Badger Sports in order to drive traffic to Best Buy stores. Additionally, they wanted to focus on brand association with Badger sports attendees.


Best Buy utilized a ticket gift card promotional voucher program in order to drive traffic to their stores. Targeting football, basketball and hockey game attendees, Best Buy provides vouchers redeemable for gift certificates based on a purchase. Not only do they use vouchers, but fans can also use their ticket stub at the stores to redeem this offer. Best Buy promoted the ticket voucher program via in-game announcements, radio network live reads, web ads, email ads, as well as, football and basketball signage.

With the success of these promotions, Best Buy saw increased traffic and a great return on investment. Now, more than ever, they understand the value of attracting Badger fans to their customer base.

“The sales generated for Best Buy were significant. The return on investment was a key reason they wanted to step up their investment moving forward.”

–Mike Unitan, Associate General Manager of Badger Sports Properties

“The power of the Badger brand in Wisconsin and the feeling of community and pride behind that is a similar feeling that we want people to have about our brand. In addition to great visibility of our brand, we saw great return on our investment with the coupon redemption at retail. And, the offer encouraged repeat visitors. This partnership also provided us a platform to focus on higher end customers, including fans, coaches and other Badger corporate partners. Our relationship has helped us get in the door with the entire university for other sales opportunities through our Best Buy for Business division.”

–Shad Gough, Best Buy