Our reporters in Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska and Wisconsin look for foul deeds of these people. That’s part of their job and its part of our company’s responsibility to our listeners. Most politicians are upstanding.  It’s our job to find those who aren’t. This is a magazine ad (Download PDF) on this subject that ran in 1976. It shows the Thomas Nast cartoon: “Who Stole the People’s Money–Do Tell “TWAS HIM’.  I wrote the copy:

Dirty? Dishonest?

We think not. We think they’re important.

We KNOW they’re interesting. That’s why we spend a good deal of time talking with them and about them.  Missourians are interested in them and what they do.

Moreover, the laws politicians make and the policies they administer affect Missourians more directly than any other laws or policies.

And, who are WE?  We’re the Missourinet.  The state’s new statewide radio network.  You hear our seasoned correspondents everyday on your local radio station.  We have the Capitol’s largest full-time bureau.  And we have correspondents where you live.

We’re a little like the big national networks but we just tell you about Missouri and Missourians.
Because we think it’s interesting….and we know it’s important.

Friends: our correspondents in Wisconsin, Nebraska, Missouri and Iowa hold politicians feet to the fire; they dig out scandal and untruths.  I’m proud of them.  It is important work.