Ensuring No Child is Sidelined by Sickness Through Team Support

LEARFIELD is proud to work with Team IMPACT in connecting children facing serious and chronic illnesses to college athletic teams. Being a part of a supportive team helps these brave kids tackle emotional trauma and social isolation. Team IMPACT is a Boston-based non-profit that helps student-athletes, coaching staff, and fan communities come together to make an urgently needed difference in the lives of these children.

Over 55 of our LEARFIELD partner institutions are already involved with Team IMPACT – some with eight or more different sports teams and programs matched with children. LEARFIELD is working to grow the program to match more schools, teams and sports to further the mission of Team IMPACT.

As COVID-19 continues to impact traditional support structures for families with immunocompromised children, the need for community has never been greater.  No amount of medicine can treat the undeniable effects of childhood illness.  Being a part of a team makes a difference.

Engage with Team IMPACT

Learn how you can get involved in the mission and spread awareness. Team IMPACT’s program combines clinically driven therapies with athletics, and the results are life changing. Witness the power of this organization first-hand.

Get Involved as a Team

Welcome a child into your school community and embrace the idea that there is more to work hard for than just winning a game. Make a very real difference in a child’s life by getting the whole team involved.

Make an Impact as a Family

Do you know of a child within your community that would be eligible for our program and could benefit from being a part of the team? Refer them to Team IMPACT.

Just a sampling of the schools partnering with Team IMPACT