Greg Brown spoke to the sports multimedia sales team at the annual academy in Dallas, TX. In that address, he referenced a message he had recently read from author/speaker Jon Gordon, in which he noted the lesson of the skyscraper and its foundation. To build a skyscraper that stands tall and strong, one must first dig deep and establish a sound foundation. For us to grow, as individuals or as a company, we need to do the same thing and therefore must examine the foundation, find our weak areas, and do the work necessary to fortify our “footings”.


Gordon suggested that we should determine a place in our life that needs work, a crack in our foundation that needs mending, and focus our efforts, energy and attention for a year working on repairs in that area. And he adds that to best do that we should choose a word (ONE WORD) that reminds us of that specific work that needs to be done—to provide focus to our work.


“My word for this year is Gratitude. If you had to pick a word, what would your word be? Spend some time pondering – dig deep and inspect your foundation. Where are the cracks? What are the places that need to be fortified? Is there a relationship that needs some work? Is there a weakness that needs to be dealt with? Is there an area that needs to be shored up?

I hope you can define it with a word, your word. I suspect you can. Maybe your word is a name. Maybe it’s an activity. Maybe it’s a thought. Maybe it’s an attribute. No doubt, your word, a word that leads to improvement, given focus and intentionality, will bear fruit in your life. I hope so.”


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