We’re proud to have exceptional and diverse talent represented all throughout the company, in over 100 offices nationwide. We’re confident we vet the best people for the right positions and ensure quality training to help with transition into the Learfield family. The opportunity to provide specialized training and ongoing professional development is important to us, and we consider it to be incredibly valuable throughout one’s Learfield career.


Camp Learfield – “Welcome to Learfield” – interactive sessions held in our Plano, Texas headquarters focused on providing new employees an inside look at every facet of our business, our culture, values and operational structure, with ample opportunity to meet many new colleagues


Learfield Leadership Exchange – Annual meeting for all leaders of our collegiate properties – a team building and professional development forum designed to share best practices, goals and successful sales concepts


Collegiate Sales Academy – Hosted for all full-time employees in the collegiate structure – an annual retreat focused on ideation and best practices. Opportunity for team building, networking with colleagues representing the East, West, North and South Regions, and celebrating successes through our highly anticipated recognition and awards evening – “ The Clydes” – affectionately named to honor Learfield founder, Clyde Lear


The W.O.W. Factor – The W.O.W. Factor (#WinningOurWay) is an overall initiative to highlight success and share the stories of the Learfield women, who are a vital part of Learfield “winning”. The W.O.W. Factor encompasses speaker series, networking events, educational and professional development opportunities, allowing Learfield women a platform to provide unique viewpoints related to how they approach various business principles and problem solving