Our dedicated Campus+ team develops comprehensive business partnerships specifically designed to align priority university initiatives with the corporate community. Campus+ provides a strategic process that allows partners to have deeper engagement with students, faculty, staff and alumni. Building off Learfield’s existing athletics multimedia rights relationships, Campus+ is designed to cultivate innovative, “best in-class” university partnerships.

Brand alignment, student-centric, campus impact and revenue growth are our four guiding principles for Campus+, setting the foundation for compelling relationships that unlock and grow new campus revenues and program support.

To learn more about Campus+, please reach out to one of our VPs below. We also invite you to read our related news: Solly Fulp to lead Campus+; NC State, CSUN; Long Beach State; San Jose State; and strategic partnership with IOA. In addition, we’re proud to introduce our new VPs to the team.

Campus+ Contacts

Solly Fulp

Executive Vice President Campus+


Andrew Kossoff

Vice President Campus+


Mark Winneker

Vice Present Campus+


Rob Steeger

Director - Campus + Partnerships


Anne Edwards

Operations Manager Campus+


Susi Farmer

Executive Assistant