A lesson learned

It was the early seventies. I was seeing customers from coast to coast. One day I called back to the office to get my messages. (before the days of voice-mail). Farm broadcaster Gene Davis answered; so I asked for Verni. "She's quit!" was Gene's response. "Quit? You've...

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Farm broadcasters

A few weeks ago I wrote about Jim Lipsey, who served us 18 years. But before him, Gene Davis helped Derry with the daily broadcasts. Gene--who'd worked for the Missouri Department of Agriculture--was with us less than a year before moving on. To spare Lipsey, we...

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Jim Lipsey

Jim Lipsey was one of our very first employees.  He was a strong sales executive, but we utilized him in so many ways.  He had great pipes (a good voice). So Jim could sell the commercials, then voice them...

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