At our core, we’ve always placed a great importance on developing trusted relationships and building long-term partnerships. Valuable aspects that serve as the bedrock for our continual efforts to strive for excellence and lead with integrity. Our true value resides in our people, while the companies, colleges, universities, conferences and organizations we’re fortunate to work with know we’re committed to seeing their business grow and succeed. We call this “Clients First”!

Our people-first mentality and core values — “Build the Team, Grow the Company, Have Fun, Love and Serve Others” — are accentuated through a culture driven to exceed goals, serve our clients enthusiastically, work as a team, celebrate successes, and do what is right and honest in every endeavor. We know that upholding these values is imperative to a company with roughly 2,000 full-time men and women in offices all across the country, and we’re devoted to treating them with thoughtfulness, care and respect.

We Win When We Love and We Love When We Win

Learfield IMG College succeeds when we love our colleagues, our clients, and our partners. This love is expressed and achieved through sacrifice and service, when we care and put others needs first. While this phrase is a company mantra, a company is ultimately made up of individuals. It’s our responsibility to embody this statement, partner with the right companies, pursue opportunities to invest, do business ethically, love those we serve…and celebrate the thrill of winning!