We place tremendous emphasis on our people, providing excellent service to our partners, and cultivating a company that creates innovative solutions. Across our offices nationwide, we uphold the same core values: “Build the Team, Grow the Company, Have Fun, Love and Serve Others!”

Build the Team by:

Recognizing it’s “we” not “I”

Recruiting great people and keeping them on our team

Understanding technical competence is no substitute for personal character

Balancing work, personal growth and family

Rewarding outstanding performance

Celebrating successes AND mistakes leading to learning and growth

Proactively communicating

Settling disputes quickly

Delivering bad news face to face

Encouraging each other to get a little better each day

Learning and teaching

Considering all partners and team members as family

Grow the Company by:

Serving our employees so they are enabled to serve our customers

Over-delivering for our customers

Making and exceeding our goals—financial and otherwise

Helping our partners grow their organizations

Recommending improvements while eliminating bureaucracy and waste

Asking questions—listening for opportunities

Looking for the win/win

Being agile and open-minded

Viewing our company’s future through the long lens

Embracing diverse backgrounds and perspectives

Have Fun by:

Celebrating victories big and small

Taking pride in the quality work and value we provide our clients

Relishing in the passion and traditions of our industry

Dreaming big—and chasing the dream

Building lasting friendships and respectful relationships within our industries and communities

Collaborating with talented colleagues in every corner of the company

Realizing our passion drives our excellence

Figuring out ways to make our work fun for everyone.

And by, well, having fun! 

Love and Serve Others by:

Doing what is right

Treating others as you want to be treated

Knowing people and service are the foundation of who we are

Being truthful, candid and present

Being authentic and transparent

Understanding that customers and co-workers are human beings first

Being passionately friendly and curious

Avoiding the temptation to be selfish

Listening more than talking

Serving where needed

Modeling character in every situation