DES MOINES, Iowa — The head football coaches at the University of Iowa, Iowa State, Northern Iowa, and Drake are encouraging Iowans to “get in the game” for the November 8 general election. Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate is partnering with Kirk Ferentz, Matt Campbell, Mark Farley, and Todd Stepsis to promote voter participation this fall. The four head coaches will appear in radio, TV, social media, and digital ads, encouraging Iowans to #BeAVoter. Radio ads will run during each school’s game broadcasts.

“This is a non-partisan effort to reach out to all Iowans in a unique way and inspire them to fulfill their civic duty by voting,” Sec Pate said. “My thanks to Kirk Ferentz, Matt Campbell, Mark Farley, and Todd Stepsis for stepping up and helping us promote the #BeAVoter initiative. They are great ambassadors for our state and will hopefully convince all eligible Iowans to make their voices heard by casting a ballot.”

Each video ad features a coach giving a locker room-style pep talk about the importance of voting and having a game plan for casting a ballot. The viewer or listener is encouraged to visit, a one-stop-shop for state election information. Iowans can use the site to register to vote, download an absentee ballot request form, track its status, and find information about voting deadlines and requirements.

The relationship between Sec Pate and the football coaches was developed through LEARFIELD, athletics multimedia rightsholder for the four schools.

Quotes from the four coaches are below:

“One of the best ways for all of us to engage with our communities is by electing the people who represent us in our local, state, and federal offices. Whether you choose to vote in person or via absentee ballot, I want to encourage all Iowans to exercise their right to vote this November.” — Iowa Hawkeye Head Football Coach Kirk Ferentz

Coach Ferentz video is available here:

“The opportunity for citizens of the United States of America to voice their feelings by voting in our electoral process is a blessing. We are fortunate to live in a nation that allows for the input of each and every person in all fifty states. Remember to do your part in November and get out the vote!” — Iowa State Cyclone Head Football Coach Matt Campbell

Coach Campbell video is available here:

“There is no greater privilege as a US citizen than our right to vote. The flag represents all those who have given their life for our rights. It’s an honor to be able to vote and make an impact in our community. I encourage every Iowan to participate however possible — in person or via absentee ballot.” — Northern Iowa Panther Head Football Coach Mark Farley

Coach Farley video is available here:

“We are so fortunate in this country to be able to influence and have an impact on our elected leaders and their decision-making process. I would love nothing more to see a record turnout in this coming November election to show the rest of the nation how it is done. To all Iowans — be an influencer and cast your vote!” — Drake Bulldog Head Football Coach Todd Stepsis

Coach Stepsis video is available here:

You can view all four video ads from the coaches at this link.