To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Xbox game Halo, Studio Mega wanted to do something that had never happened before in college football. Our Oregon Sports Properties team collaborated with Oregon Athletics on the related details, as this would take place on Sat. Nov. 27, 2021 when the Oregon Ducks hosted the Oregon State Beavers. In the stadium, Master Chief (Halo mascot), showed up with his tank Warthog, working with The Duck and the UO Marching Band. At halftime, the A/R experience paired UO alum, Sabrina Ionescu, with The Duck playing Halo on the videoboards when they were interrupted by The Pelican making its A/R landing on the field. In the stadium, fans could see this play out on the videoboards, but it looked like The Pelican was right there in Autzen on social media.

Front Office Sports showcased the activation and as seen on Oregon’s official @GoDucks Twitter handle and Instagram post.