SBJ’s latest “I Factor” podcast digs into the personal and professional journey of LEARFIELD Chief Revenue Officer JOHN BRODY, who talks to our Terry Lefton about being ready for career opportunities, what he learned from working at WWE, why he still gets asked about putting Spider-Man on the bases, and the important traits he looks for when hiring. Brody was a member of SBJ’s Forty Under 40 classes of ’05-’07, and was inducted into the Forty Under 40 HOF in ’07.


On being ready for opportunities: “I believe strongly that timing is everything in life, both professionally and personally, and what I’ve tried to do is look at opportunities where I felt there was an opportunity or chance for me to have a real impact.”

On his six years at WWE: “I learned so much in those years beyond even what I had done at baseball or football, because VINCE (MCMAHON) and that group of leadership were risk-takers, and not risk for risk’s sake, risk for good business. We did a lot of things there that I think set the table for what’s going on a lot in the marketplace now.”

On how he hires: “It starts with three things: integrity, loyalty, morality. That is the precursor before you even can make a decision about a hire or make a decision about a change.”