STATESBORO, GA. – Learfield Licensing Partners, a trademark management company specializing in collegiate licensing and branding, along with Georgia Southern University’s trademark licensing department, are proud to announce a partnership with country music star Cole Swindell and KPEntertainment for an exclusive line of apparel produced by The Game.

Swindell, long known as an accomplished song writer, shot to fame in 2013 when his break-out solo “Chillin’ It” became a top-5 hit. Swindell went on tour, and his love for Georgia Southern became evident as he donned Eagles caps and apparel during live performances, videos, red carpet events and on his album and download covers.

Georgia Southern licensee The Game was Swindell’s choice for all headwear, which led to a natural partnership in this new venture between Swindell and Georgia Southern. The Game, founded by college sports fans in 1986, will produce a select offering of branded caps and t-shirts which will be sold in stores throughout the Southeast. A limited number of pieces will also be sold on his tour. Product will be available at the Georgia Southern Bookstore as well as many area retailers beginning mid-November.

Learfield Licensing has created a pre-order site ( where fans can order products and register to win tickets to both Swindell’s show in Athens, Georgia on November 20 and tickets to the Georgia Southern vs. Georgia game on November 21.

“Both of my parents and my brothers are Georgia Southern alums,” said Swindell. “I grew up sliding down the hills on cardboard boxes on football game days. I used to want everything in the GS bookstore as a kid, and now, through a partnership with The Game, I have my own line of apparel being sold in the very same store! I wear the GS hat on stage every night for a reason. I’m proud to be an Eagle. GATA.”

“We are so proud of Cole and all he is accomplishing in country music, and we love his passion for his University,” said Connie Palfy, assistant vice president at Georgia Southern. “Cole’s affinity for Georgia Southern shows every time he wears his trademark ‘GS’ hat and we are so pleased that we can expand the brand with the Hail Southern Collection from The Game.”

“Building off the mutual pride for Georgia Southern and Cole’s meteoric rise in country music, the Hail Southern Collection merges two iconic and relevant brands,” said Ben Emmons, vice president of brand marketing at Learfield Licensing. “The result is a line of apparel that appeals to college and country music fans alike.”

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