DALLAS – SMU Athletics and its multimedia rights holder, Learfield Sports’ Mustang Sports Properties, announced today a partnership with Dallas-based Tribal Juicery.tribal

Within its first year of distribution, Tribal Juicery is a certified organic juice distributor aiming to create a healthy option available to anyone on-the-go. Founders Hailey Nutt and Brenton Phillips, sharing a passion for sports, established Tribal Juicery with the idea of providing quality organic, cold pressed juices for local athletes and coaches.

“We feel healthy options should not be subject to your location or ability to prepare,” said Tribal Juicery Co-Owner Hailey Nutt. “We are part of a bigger tribe of businesses and consumers demanding transparency in ingredients and processes. We are beyond excited to work with SMU and really believe these juice options will enhance the student athletes’ overall well-being.”

Nutt, a Raw Food Culinary Chef, is working closely with SMU Athletics’ nutritionist, Christina Strudwick, and the Strength and Conditioning Department to create and fuel SMU student athletes with colorful blends of juices.

“We are excited and intrigued by this partnership with Tribal Juicery and SMU,” said Mustang Sports Properties General Manager Mike Sage. “This partnership is the first-of-its-kind for our staff and the SMU athletic department, but follows a cultural trend of healthy eating and overall well-being. It highlights a shift of collegiate athletic sponsorships and how our industry is ever-changing with our culture.”

Tribal Juicery products are made by sourcing local, organic ingredients and preparing small batches of each flavor, never adding heat, sugars or water. With a large presence in local farmer’s markets and local events, community involvement and support of other local companies is a focus for Tribal Juicery. To learn more about Tribal Juicery you can follow them on social media @livetribal, visit them at www.livetribal.com or email them at info@livetribal.com.

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