Billion Auto partnered with Iowa and Hawkeye Sports Properties to build their brand, integrate themselves into the Eastern Iowa community and drive traffic to both their physical and online location.

Hawkeye Sports Properties created a multi-year branding sponsorship package for Billion Auto including various assets:

  • Digital rotational signage on the scoreboard at Kinnick Stadium
  • Stats board sponsorship (football & basketball)
  • Trivision signage on the video board (football)
  • Courtside signage (basketball)
  • Football, basketball and wresting radio
  • Rotational banner and story level ads on

“We’re excited to begin our partnership with the most powerful brand in the state. We are confident that, by associating Billion Auto with the Hawkeyes, we will increase traffic to our website and sell more cars throughout Iowa!” –Kerry Prybill, Marketing Manager, Billion Automotive of Iowa City

These assets combine to create a consistent,  year-long message for Hawkeye attendees as well as listeners around the state.