Sunflower Bank and K-State Sports Properties developed an in-game promotion to take advantage of the passion and energy of fans attending a K-State sports event.


In an effort to increase exposure and drive traffic,  Sunflower Bank and K-State Sports Properties teamed up to create an in-game promotion where one lucky K-S-U Kid got to join the Kansas State mascot, Willie, on the court.  This young fan was given the opportunity to fire up the crowd alongside Willie the Wildcat.

“At selected home games, Willie’s K-S-U kid gets the opportunity to go out to center court and do the K-S-U cheer with Willie the Wildcat.  We give the winner four tickets to the game, a K-State jersey and 4 hats.  Fans can register at all Sunflower Bank locations across the state, or online at We promote it in-venue, on and during basketball radio broadcasts.”
-Ben Boyle, General Manager for K-State Sports Properties

While the promotion did an excellent job of tying in an assortment of media outlets for Sunflower Bank’s promotion, another key to the success was the commitment that Sunflower Bank had to promoting the promotion themselves.  Sunflower used their own Web site to increase traffic on their Web site as well as increase participation at their own branches.

Ultimately, the success of the promotion centered on the increase in traffic at Sunflower Banks branches across the state and their website as well.  Exposure in a variety of media and their own activation combined to raise awareness and traffic for Sunflower Bank.