Oklahoma University Continuing Education wanted to increase enrollment in their offsite classes.  They reach their primary target, adults 25-54, with the help of Sooner Athletics and Sooner Sports Properties.

OU Continuing Education and Sooner Sports Properties customized a promotional plan based on the previous year’s results and analysis of the current marketing objectives.  Tailoring opportunities to the clients needs of the client is the hallmark of our consultative skills and has shown much success throughout the years.

Oklahoma University Continuing Education utilizes these marketing assets:

  • Network Radio spots on football, baseball, Sooner Daily Report broadcasts
  • Network TV spot on all 3rd-tier Sooner Sports Nation live games
  • Storyboard and leader board ads on Soonersports.com storyboard
  • Video Pre-roll on all Soonersports.com media content
  • Football Tickets – as an enticement to gather data from registrants
  • Associate Sponsor of Pink Out at a Women’s Basketball game

“We have had an amazing experience working with Sooner Sports Properties over the last three years.  What an excellent opportunity to align our message of degree completion to those who truly have an emotional attachment to the University of Oklahoma!  We could not ask for a more appropriate target audience than those who are already Sooner Fans…our continued mission is to help them become Sooner Graduates! Thanks SSP, we look forward to continuing to grow our relationship!”

-Kelly Collyar, Oklahoma University Continuing Education