George died yesterday. He was a friend of mine and to many. He was one of Learfield’s incorporators and initial board members. When I first met him, Derry had asked him to become a shareholder in our venture and we met at Home Savings to go over the details–the six of us. George had moved Jeanne and their large family to Jefferson City so he could serve as State Veterinarian. Their real home was in Windsor where he was a substantial cattle man. George was a big man — tall and imposing. One son, Phil, remains in Jefferson City working for the city’s Parks and Rec.George was a good board member and loved his association with us and the friendly political banter with Buell and Jim–our two strong Republicans.  He was helpful in getting our buy-sell agreement hammered out.  He sold his stock in the early eighties and left our board.Of the initial six, only Derry and I remain.