From the get-go we held monthly board meetings. These were held in our “Board Room” at our offices in Centertown…a rather large, dark-paneled, room with a large fireplace. Since he had been instrumental in our organization, Buell was elected president. There was another reason too. It avoided the unpleasant task of elevating either Derry or me over one another. Derry was vice-president and I was secretary-treasurer.  Candidly, I was the default CEO. The full board was all six of the owners.

The meetings were hugely important for a fledgling business. They gave Derry and me feedback on our performance and suggestions for moving forward.  As much as anything, they were encouraging.  I recall once being glum about our financial performance going into the meeting.  But the older, wiser, guys were hugely encouraging. I needed that.

I kept the official minute book and those records are available today. It boils down the events that were important to us at the time. Additionally, unlike the official minutes of most corporations, these pages include our deeper feelings most often revealed through resolutions. That’s important for this blog, of course.  But also important for a wider historical look. Here are a few pages from the minute book. [Download PDF]